Designed, Developed & Maintained

Customised to Meet Any Requirement

The vControl infrastructure can be modified and deployed to suit any business use case scenario. From call centre applications, to secured custom in-house integrations, incorporating premium quality telephony has never been easier.

All Private Cloud servers come with premium support and monitoring/service and feature updates (where client privacy and security policies permit).

Custom Integrations

We can deliver solutions and support for businesses that want call records, recordings, dial plan triggered events, internal database connectivity, API calls, remote device activiation, and application integration.


For large scale or geographically separated enterprises as well as large volume call centres, we can provide a modularised infrastructure able for any individual service to be scaled flexibly and frequently.

Privacy & Security

Health care, government departments, or any business with sensitive information unsuitable for a public cloud service can ensure data security requirements are met via a customised and secured private physical deployment.

Carrier Flexibility

If your organisation has existing carrier or trunking connections, we can provide a platform-only solution to allow you to maximise the utility of any current setup - all backed up by our carrier links for redundancy if required.

Increased Redundancy

While the vControl infrastructure already offers several layers of redundancy on our service, if your clients require additional measures then a private cloud deployment can be tailored to meet any need.

Tailored for you

Additional Requirements?

With direct access to our Australian development team, we can build your system to your exact needs. Contact our team to discuss further.

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