It Starts With High-Availability

vControl is a uniquely developed infrastructure where redundancy, call quality and reliability are core factors in the design of the system.

Our cluster is rapidly scalable and geographically redundant, protecting the system against even extreme events such as entire data centre outages and monitored 24/7 by our network operations team.

Even metrics such as dial plan response time are measured and optimised, with nothing left to chance.

vControl® wholesale VoIP service providers monitor their intuitive and powerful platform 24/7
Cloud Hosted PBX vControl® has DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) and intrusion preventions of malicious attempt to disrupt call traffic.

Distributed IPs

Each public link comes with full DDoS and intrusion detection/prevention hardware, as well as failure detection and traffic rerouting devices.

vControl® Cloud Hosted PBX services are fully load balanced servers

SIP Load Balancing

All traffic is distributed evenly across our public cloud clusters, with well over triple capacity of current load available instantly at any time.

vControl® Cloud Hosted PBX physical and virtual server options

Physical & Virtual

Physical devices deliver the fastest response time, however we support the physical devices with high-availability virtualised overflow servers.

vControl® Hosted PBX services have QoS (Quality of Service) where calls aggregate through multiple carriers to achieve HD call clarity

Carrier Aggregation

By aggregating our carrier connections, vControl routes your traffic through the providers with the highest quality metrics, not the cheapest route.

vControl® VoIP provider services offer multiple factor network redundancy with numerous layers of automatic failover to several different datacentres

Automatic Failover

With a multiple factor redundant network, every element of our infrastructure has several layers of failover redundancy in place across multiple datacentres.

vControl® White Label VoIP services maintain location redundant servers where all alternate servers can be dialled up to take a primary VoIP server's place in a heartbeat

Location Redundancy

Each data centre has an established heartbeat with the rest of the distributed cluster, any DC experiencing issues is automatically removed from use.

Live Monitoring

Every Second Matters

Every packet of every call, monitored to ensure flawless audio quality and link availability.

vControl® Call quality is measured by real time MOS (Mean Option Scores) 24/7 for call quality assurance
Tailored for you

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