SME IT Provider

Our expert team has successfully enhanced the services of numerous Australian businesses with unique requirements. Here's how one IT business took advantage of our cutting-edge, intuitive and powerful platform and added an extra low-touch revenue stream without additional stress.


A successful SME IT business based in Melbourne's south-east offered IT, web development and digital marketing to approximately 40 clients. Martin, the company director/owner, came to vControl in 2015 when VoIP phone systems were booming and businesses were beginning to make the switch. His goal was to offer his clients the full end-to-end suite of IT services, knowing the benefits it would bring to their businesses, but he was missing phone technology.


Martin wanted the freedom to manage a VoIP phone system for his clients, to set his own pricing, and to rebrand it as his own telecommunications service. He wanted to retain the clients as his own and be the first point of contact for their phone systems enquiries as well as providing additional support features as required. He was also seeking simplicity of the system and similarity of connection set up to other IT cloud products.


Using vControl, Martin was able to offer his customers a full IT service, with phone system and IT support from a 100% Australian owned company they already trusted with their IT requirements.

He was able to add an extra revenue stream to his business with a rising scale commission structure. The wholesale hosted PBX service rates also allowed him to offer better deals to his customers.

vControl were able to provide support features, including bill comparison software, built in SMS service, copy dial plans, and the ability to add additional features.

His clients gained an easier way to manage their phone system while making cost savings, with everything all in one platform: accounts with one log in, management, pricing, billing, changes and updates. They didn't need to know anything about telecommunications, hardware was easily available, and they gained a hosted PBX and telecommunications service that is fully backed by the vControl support team.

"My customers are so happy! They are able to have more than two people on a phone call at once, they can automatically route calls to different people based on time of day, and they have a professional welcome message and hold music that they didn't have using the old PSTN telephone service – all at a quarter of the price. It's all DIY, so changes can be made instantly, without having to rely on a 48-hour turnaround time and fee."

Business benefits

Martin has access to vControl's developers to customise and add additional hosted PBX features as clients request them, meaning he can nearly always say 'yes' when a client asks for a feature vControl doesn't currently offer.

Plus, vControl's tech team is available on-call to help answer tricky hosted PBX and telecommunications questions

His customers can manage their own accounts and phone systems, or he can manage them as part of his IT services.

They get a full range of corporate features, easy setup custom dial plans, huge range of possible call flow options, and they can use their own custom hold music and call recordings.

The system easily connects through any internet service. It can be set up quickly and works with any SIP-ready hardware, so there is no need to change hardware if a client already has handsets. It also works with a variety of softphones, Microsoft Teams connectivity, and other applications when requested.

The system can also integrate with the clients' digital marketing campaigns, including setting up new sales phone numbers, clearing call data and sales messaging, and call recording for quality training purposes.

If you are a business looking for a reliable VOIP telephone system, our team is here. Contact us today.